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The Cave

The cave complex comprises a central altar featuring a number of Buddhist figures as well as various deities of the Chinese pantheon.
Surrounded by stunning stalactites and stalagmite formations, the cave provides a peaceful prayer site for Buddhist devotees and general enjoyment for the public.

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The Garden

The award winning landscape garden features a jogging path circling two lakes and one of the longest reflexology footpaths in Ipoh. Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet that relate to every organ, gland, and system in the body. Walking on the path provides acupressure massage and relief.

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Buddhist Statues

The cave temple is also known as “The Cave Temple of Bronze Buddhas”. Today, Kek Look Tong has 13 Taoist and Buddhist statues cast by expert sculptors in Taiwan.

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Surrounded by famous limestone hills of Ipoh, the site is a famous tourist destination and provides amazing scenery for photographers.

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Flora and Fauna

The gardeners of Kek Look Tong maintain a well manicured garden. The land is bordered by 3 mountain faces and a deep mining lake, its location provides a safe haven for local mountain fauna and even migratory bird species. The lakes are populated with carp, turtles and cichlids, while monkeys, lizards, and even the occasional mountain goat are sighted within, roaming the grounds. Please respect the natural eco-system and do not feed the wildlife.

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Geological studies

For those with an interest in geology, the limestone hill is made up of light grey to white crystalline Kinta limestone interbedded with about 5mm to 1cm think argillaceous material bands. Primary iron can still be seen within the limestone.

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Kek Look Tong
Gunung Rapat,
Ipoh, Perak

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Daily, 7am 6pm, including public holidays

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